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PostSubject: Clan RULES   Wed Oct 10, 2007 7:39 pm

Charter short, but strong.

I. Rules

1. This Charter is an official document clan S.E.a.R.T.

2. Only admins may modify this document.

3. Each member of the clan must read the Rules.

II. Duties

1. Following the clan in the game have offitsialnyh nickname in the form of: S.E.a.R.T. - nickname.

2. Appear on the Internet at least once a week.

3. Play CS at least four times a week, at least 2 hours.

4. Regular visits to the site clan.

5. Perform guidance clan heads.

6. At a CW (in the absence of experience, unsubscribe from forum, or write to MSN).

7. A clan of training (optional) If you can not, then Unsubscribe forum or write to MSN nikro18@hotmail.com

8. At CW and listen to the orders of captains.

III. Don't

1. At the same time in another clan CS.

2. High ping.

3. Soklanovtsev offend.

4. Using coarse language on the site clan.

5. Timkillerstvo.

6. Negative comments on the clan.

7. Insulting rivals (especially during CW).

8. Reveal tactical plans of clan.

IV. Duties as an admin

1. Moderate clan.

2.Solve problems and conflicts.

3. Take action on the official CW.

4. To maintain the honour and dignity of the clan.

5. Consider application for membership and decide on them.

V. Recommended

1.Moderate gaming skills.

2. Slaughter other clans while in CW.

3. Play for fun and not for nead!

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